Delusion till now

Why Humanity is confused and at cross roads

Ever since humanity was able to communicate with each other they have been teaching and learning from each other.The quest to understand the things around him and understanding himself has been unending. Around the globe people believed God to be divine and as a doer of things. Someone who created them protects them rewards them and regulates everything. Fear and mystery were the driving factors for human behavior in this era. We can term this as spiritualism or idealism. Somewhere in the journey people started questioning the beliefs rituals and lack of knowledge.

As a retaliation Scientific reasoning observation analysis and inferences started taking precedence . Many branches of sciences evolved up-to quantum physics in the recent times and the scientist came to be respected as being knowledgable and men of learning. Everything was to be analyzed understood and explained.They presented nature and existence as a competition for survival.These people considered their study as the logical study. Everything was termed as struggle and fight for more.

Both these ideologies have been successfully practiced and form the basis of my study to achieve a resolved and harmonious existence both at the individual level and the collective level. The path I propose will takes both these studies further and to a culmination of harmonious Coexistence. I am grateful to all the proponents who undertook strenuous and methodical study .

The conflicts represented above are both centrifugal and centripetal and the forces of resolutions also will work in these same method but towards resolution by understanding existence. On a close observation of the nature and things around are visible as follows.

1.Everything in existence is complete only with the environment ie everything else that supports its existence.

2.Everything is in order and plays its designated role in the bigger ecosystem.

3.Everything has its own innateness which can not be isolated or separated from its being.

4.Human being as an entity has not been understood and humanness needs to be understood by understanding everything else on this planet.

5.The state of any entity can be understood by looking holistically at its interpersonal effect on other entities existing in the proximity .

6.In an agitated state the human beings moves towards delusion and in a normal state moves towards resolution.