Demystify Value and Price

Value is real and Price is a mirage, a human construct

Value is eternal and intrinsic Price is arbitrary and constructed. Haggle over the price to the extent it is of value in your life. No more No less.

The value of any substance on this planet is the same all the time in all the places for all people.

Price is something that is constructed by the economics which have been followed from the days of the barter community to the contemporary Bitcoin community and all the others forms that came in between them.

For example the value of 1 kg of tomato is the same in rural India to the fancy Mall in Mumbai or Delhi to America or Europe or New Zealand for that matter.

Nutritional value is what is useful for a human being. That nutritional value will decline as nature plays its role over a period of time. This is the reality  for or any and every material on the planet that we can think of.

Price is a construct and an artificial non existent concept created by the forces of demand and supply. Add to it the confusing realms of  duties Taxes, freight packaging branding  and many many such stuff which you all are more familiar with. The net result of all that they do is make your life complicated and confusing. I am going to help you disentangle from all the clutter and move towards resolution.

It is for each one of us for  himself to decipher, understand and identify the value of each and every element which comes into contact with him in his daily life.

Overvaluing are undervaluing both will lead you to suffer pain. It is very easy for everyone to start thinking and valuing everything in a way that his life is balanced. All facets of his life health,relationships,education,nutrition,entertainment,travelling and experiencing, time have a value and need to be evaluated and balanced.

The thing being valued can be edible or  non edible material non material experience knowledge feeling whatever has a role to play in daily life. Please understand that  you are responsible for giving proper value to anything that is there in your life. Please do not overvalue or undervalue any stuff, any feelings, any experience and lead a balanced life. Affluence is a value statement which can not have a price tag. Having more than you need material,time, knowledge,relationships. Create a buffer of affluence and not worry about the Price but focus on the value of each thing in your life looking at it from your own sweet spot. Comparing yourself with others copying others or trying to outdo others will always bring pain. Know your position and value your haggling needs for the price and act accordingly.

 Always try and evaluate  the Value. Please use the monetary price as just a one off business deal and a small event in the bigger canvas of life.This mantra will help to be resolved. Identify the real value utility synergy whenever needed and look at things holistically. Prevent over valuation or undervaluation.

 Haggling over the price is an activity which you should know to value in life as per your situation need and capability.